New Resolution!

So while I've obsessively read almost every Drarry fic I can get my hands on, I am loathe to admit that I've rarely actually commended the brilliant and inspired authors of this fandom. So I've created a new resolution for myself and hopefully writing it down will make me do it. For every new fic that I read and really enjoy, I am going to comment on it and praise the author for their sheer awesomeness.

Here's to a newer, less shy, me! 

Hello LiveJournal!

Hello fellow LiveJournal users!

So for anyone who happens to stumble across this corner of LiveJournal this journal is mainly for me and my fanfiction needs. I'm an avid reader of many fandoms, most particularly Harry Potter, and I would like to use LiveJournal as my first foray into the writing world. Hope to make many new friends here!
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